Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of cremation urn do I need?

A: The answer to this question depends of what you intend to do with the ashes. Basically there are four options:

– Keep all of the ashes in a single cremation urn.

Most of the urns we sell are large enough to contain all of the ashes of a single adult. Some selections are large enough for two adults, known as companion urns.

– Share some of the ashes with family or friends.

Many families purchase a full-size cremation urn, but choose to pass along some of the ashes to family and friends in multiple smaller “keepsake urns” or “cremation jewelry.”

– Scatter some or all ashes in a favorite place.

Another option is scattering of of some or all of the ashes in their loved one’s favorite place. We sell specialized scattering urns designed for dignified and convenient transport and scattering of ashes.

– Perform a biodegradable burial on land or water.

Q: What size cremation urn do I need?

A: It depends upon what you intend to do with the ashes. The cremated remains are composed of calcium and have the consistency of coarse beach sand. If you plan on purchasing an urn to fit all the ashes, you would need an urn that is approximately 200 cubic inches in size, for an average size adult. Each pound of body weight will translate into approximately one cubic inch of cremated remains, so a 200-pound person would require a 200-cubic-inch urn. If you choose to scatter ashes, but keep a bit for memorialization, you might choose a keepsake urn, which can be any size you prefer.

Q: I need my urn in just a few days for the ceremony. Can you ship right away?

A: Some of the cremation urns we offer are available for immediate shipping. Just phone us to find out if the cremation urn is available immediately. The labor intensive process necessary to create these works of funerary art are not conducive to rapid production and some require one or two weeks, or more, of dedicated time to create.

Q: How do I get the ashes into the cremation urn?

A: Your funeral home can provide this service for you, usually for a nominal fee. If you’d like we can ship the urn directly to the funeral home, or we can ship directly to you and you can pass it along to the funeral home. It is illegal for funeral homes to refuse to transfer ashes if the urn was not purchased from them. By law, funeral homes cannot require that all products and services be purchased from them. Alternative ash transfer methods include taking the ashes to another funeral home, making the transfer yourself or having a friend or relative perform the transfer. Ashes come in a plastic bag, within a plastic box from the funeral home and one can transfer the plastic bag from one cremains container to another fairly easily, usually without removing the ashes form the urn.

Q: What should be considered when placing a cremation urn or funeral urn in a columbarium or niche?

A: Columbariums and niches vary widely. You should check with the columarium or niche manager to make sure that the cremation urn you choose will fit within the space and meet any other requirement they may have. Many columbarium or niche managers will not permit cremation urns and funeral urns made of certain materials, such as wood, so make sure the urn you purchase meets their requirements.

Q: Where can cremation urns be shipped?

A: We ship cremation jewelry and cremation urns all over the world. All of our cremation urns are available for international shipping. We regularly ship cremation jewelry, cremation urns and biodegradable urns to Canada, the UK and elsewhere at the rates UPS, USPS & Fed ex charge. We are not responsible for any customs or duties fees imposed. We wait to charge international orders shipping as we pass on only the actual cost. We email you the detailed time and cost options available and you pick which one works for you. Any of our cremation urns can be shipped to you or the funeral home where the ashes are then transferred into the cremation urn or cremation jewelry. Because we ship cremation urns and cremation jewelry all over the United States, Canada, and across the Atlantic, we have very low shipping rates and pass that onto you. If you order an item which requires you to mail the ashes to an artists, as is the case with our memory pendants or memory glass, we ship a collection kit to you. Our vendors reserve the right to select the shipping vendor of their choice.

General Questions

Do you keep any items in stock?

Yes, we keep at least one of every item in stock for immediate delivery.

What if I like a particular item, but want it in a different size?

We would be more than happy to make a custom item per your specifications. You will need to contact us either through email or telephone and let us know what your needs are. There will be a minimum $50 upcharge for custom items, and the price will vary depending on the extent of the modification required. The item will ship within two weeks of the order being placed.

What if I like a particular item, but want it in a different species?

If you would like one of our items in a different wood species or combination of species, we would be more than happy to make a custom item per your specifications. You will need to contact us either through email or telephone and let us know what species you would like. There will be a minimum $50 upcharge for custom items, and the price may be more depending on the extent of the modification required. The item will ship within two weeks depending on the availability of the requested wood species.

Can I have a name or date added to an item?

Sorry. At this time we do not have customization services available. We realize that this service is important to many people, and are working diligently to soon provide it.

Questions About Payment Options

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We do not accept money orders, personal checks, or cash. All of our credit card transactions are processed by PayPal. They are a secure merchant gateway used by thousands of businesses across the country.

Do I have to have a PayPal account to buy from you?

You do not have to have a PayPal account to shop with us. After you complete payment, PayPal will give you the option to create an account, but it is not required. You can still return your purchase if you do not have a PayPal account.

How will I get my money back in case of a refund?

In the event of a return, the price of your purchase will be credited to the credit card used during purchase. It may take up to three business days for the transaction to show on your statement.

Questions About Shipping Options

Is overnight shipping available?

Yes, overnight shipping is available, but only if an order is placed before 3:00pm EST, and only if an order is placed during a normal business day. Overnight shipping is not available on weekend orders, or on orders placed during a federal holiday. Second day shipping is available if you need your item quickly, but don’t want the added expense of overnight shipping.

Will someone need to sign for the shipment?

Normally you will not have to sign for an item. If your item was a custom order, however, you will have to sign. If you are not present at the time of delivery, you can receive your item at the Post Office the day after the delivery was attempted.

Am I allowed to use a cremation urn that wasn’t purchased at a funeral home?

Yes, you are. The Federal Trade Commission developed a set of rules concerning funeral industry practices that went into effect on April 30, 1984. In these rules it is specifically stated that “the funeral provider may not refuse, or charge a fee, to handle a casket or cremation urn that you bought elsewhere.”

Click here for a full list of the funeral rules as laid out by the FTC

How do I know what size urn to buy?

The general rule for cremation urn capacity is that for every pound a person weighed, you will need one cubic inch of volume. For example, a person who weighed 180 pounds would need a cremation urn with a capacity of at least 180 cubic inches.

What can I expect back from the crematorium?

Usually, the crematorium will return to you a plastic bag or a cardboard box. If you receive a cardboard box, the cremains will likely be in a plastic bag inside the box. The cremains should be left in the plastic bag. If for any reason you need to remove the cremains from the bag, you must seal the urn with silicone.

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